Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Goals

I may be a little late to the party, but I'm linking up with Jess from
I {Heart} Recess for her July Goals linky.  

Personal:  This month I am going to concentrate on making better choices with my time, health, and fitness.  I spend entirely too much time on my laptop and in front of the television.  

Family:  Less electronics.  More quality time.

Health:  Eat cleaner, keep on running.

School:  It's time to get my room prepared.  I love decorating!

Blog / TpT:  I'm thisclose to reaching 100 followers.  I'd love to hit that mark. Will you help a girl out? ;)
I'm also working on items for a little TpT store of my own.

Outside the Box:  Well, I kinda like being inside my box. :) But, this month I'm going to work on stepping outside and saying, "Yes" to things I would normally avoid.

What goals have you set for the month July?  I'd love to hear about them. Link up with I {Heart} Recess and share!


  1. Wendy,
    Always love reading your comments. Out of curiosity..how do you even go about setting up a TPT store? Good Luck.

    Hoping you reach your goals this month.

  2. Hey Wendy! I've been following you on Bloglovin' but I just followed you on Google! You are so close to 100!

    Have you shared how you are decorating your room? My room is still a mess! I plan on going up all next week while my kids are at VBS. My main goal is to have my room and at least the first 2 weeks of school planned by the end of the month. That way I can enjoy the rest of August before the craziness begins. We'll see how I do. :)

    Good luck with the saying "yes" thing. I'm a very boxy person, haha!

    Fun In 5th

  3. Eat cleaner! That is one for me as well, it is a good goal to go along with the running. Making it all work together. Do you have a theme in your classroom?

    Thanks for the follow, I followed you back! On bloglovin too! :)

    Good Luck with those July goals!


  4. Wendy, your patriotic font is too cool! I gave you a "shout out" on my blog post on this same topic. I'd love to get together! I'm teaching summer school next week (1/2 days), but other than that I am free. Send me a message through FB, and we'll work something out! I can't wait to see your TPT store up and running.
    That First Grade Blog