Friday, July 26, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

Is anyone else starting to feel the panic of back-to-school setting in?  My list of things I want to purchase, make, and do keeps growing.  Here are my favorite pins of the week: 

If you haven't seen these yet, you MUST go check them out.  It is an entire pack of Daily 5 products.  Everything you could possibly think of is included for the low, low price of FREE.

I think this poster is a clear, easy way to demonstrate how to fold paper.  It would be perfect for early elementary students.

I want to make this "Tweet Me" board for exit tickets.  Kids will love it!

I would love to try this with our fluency passages.  If you go to the website you'll see the actual microphone and stage area.  So cool!


I think this bulletin board is awesome. :)

What did you pin this week?  How are your school preparations coming along?  Leave a comment.  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Yes panic is setting in! Also selling our house.... Thinking most likely it will sell before September... You know what that means?. Triple panic! Lol

  2. Loving all of these...especially the DAILY 5 freebies. Too, too cute! I also love the Twitter board and I Read. I think I might put that in the hall. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Fluent in Fourth