Sunday, July 5, 2015

Shark Week Blog Hop

Teachers know that kids learn more when they’re excited and engaged. Today a team of bloggers have come together to help your students take a BITE out of learning with a theme your students are sure to love!


My Shark Week freebie is a writing activity to go along with the book, Clark the Shark.

This story is perfect to read to primary students during the first few days of school.

Story Overview: Clark zooms into school, crashes through the classroom, and is rowdy at recess. He loves life—but when his enthusiasm is too much for his friends, Clark's teacher helps him figure out a way to tone it down.

Lesson Idea: After reading Clark the Shark, launch a conversation about classroom rules. Explain to students that classroom rules are made to keep us safe so we can learn. Ask students to brainstorm rules that they think are important. Make a list on chart paper. Then, ask students choose one of the rules to illustrate and write about on the “Stay Cool and Follow This Rule!” sheet. Bind all the rules together to make a class book to add to your classroom library.

fintastic freebie

Click the image to download.

Be sure to swim on over to The Kindergarten Smorgasboard and snap up Greg's Shark Week freebie.  :)

*Special note:  Every blog in the Shark Week Blog Hop features a jawesome freebie for you and your students - but hurry! Shark Week only lasts until Sunday, July 12.  :)

Happy Shark Week!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

20 Best Books for Kindergarteners

I'm dropping in today to share my most loved picture books for kindergarteners. This list represents my favorite authors, favorite characters, books that will appeal to both boys and girls, and a few the classics.  My children spent many hours reading these books, and I hope yours will too.  :)

There are so many fabulous books that are perfect to share with kindergarten students.  I had a difficult time choosing just twenty.  What books are on your list of favorites?

For more picture book ideas, be sure to visit Comprehension Connection and Reading Toward the Stars for their link-ups this week.  :)

Happy Reading!