Sunday, September 29, 2013

Five for Friday

{I'm late.  Forgive me.}  

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for the Five for Friday post.  This week was crazy-busy... and fun too!

Have you heard of The SLANT Box exchange?  It's a monthly gift exchange for teachers hosted by Lessons with Coffee.  I sent my SLANT box out to my new teaching friend, Katie.  It was filled with jungle themed items for her classroom.  

I ran in my first obstacle race, The Washington DC Diva Dash.  We jumped hay bails, climbed over mountains of tires, scaled wooden walls, hopped logs, and more - all while running a 5K.  It was super fun!

I returned home from the race EXHAUSTED (I had trouble sleeping the night before) to find my own SLANT box had arrived!  It was filled with sweet treats like a peppermint Smencil, chocolate scented erasers, and a light up stapler.  Thanks, Sarah!  She even made a fancy pen just for me.  :) 

We finished up our beginning-of-the-year benchmark assessments, reviewed the data, and held a ton of meetings to determine candidates for intervention.  Monday will be my first day of reading classes with all the new students that were added.  I can't wait to meet them! 

This past summer we offered a BINGO reading and writing challenge to all of our students.  This week we rewarded the students who earned "Blackout" on their bingo cards with a field trip to a local park for "Reading in the Park".  Don't they look adorable?  They picked the most clever spots to read!

Have a great week!


  1. You decorate your SLANT boxes so prettily! Is that a word? Spell check's not alerting me but it doesn't sound quite right. Anyway. Still love your blog design. Still waiting on mine. :P
    I need a race to prepare for. And someone/some people to do it with me cause I'm not getting it done.
    PS I LOVE THE READING IN THE PARK IDEA. We have a great park not THAT far away. Still have to have a bus, though. But that would be so fun. Must ponder this further.

    1. I keep checking on you to see if your new design is love yet...soon I hope!

      Reading in the Park was a big success. What better way to reward readers than with more reading time! They were so into their books, that we did not need to redirect a single student. Definitely doing it again next year. :)