Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Word Power Wednesday

As teachers, we know that vocabulary is critical to reading comprehension. It plays an important role in learning to read as well as reading to learn. To ensure academic success, young readers must develop a wide base of word knowledge and the ability to learn how to acquire new words.  So, how do we foster vocabulary development?    

This week we'll explore a few of my favorite activities to engage students in vocabulary review by writing and talking about the words. 

Customize this Note Pass page by adding your own vocabulary words to the word bank at the top.

1. Note Pass - This activity works best in table-groups of four.  Each person is given a blank note-pass page (pictured above) for the activity. The first person begins to write a letter or story by using a vocabulary word at the top of the page.  The teacher gives a signal to switch after two minutes; the students fold the notes in fourths and pass them to the classmate seated to their right.  The second student reads the note and continues writing the letter/story by using another vocabulary word. The activity continues until fourth player has a turn.  The fourth student must use another vocabulary word and conclude the letter/story.  Finally each group member reads the note aloud to the other members. 

2. Recipe Card - Students use their vocabulary words to create a recipe. For example, students could write recipe for Double Digit Addition.  They would use their vocabulary words (addend, sum, ones, tens) to explain how to add two-digit numbers.  I love the template pictured above from Pam at Keeping Life Creative.

This my original shopping cart activity sheet...not so pretty!

This is the revised sheet...cleaner and prettier, just for you. :) 
3. Grocery Cart - Students choose 5-7 of their vocabulary words and write them in their grocery cart.  On the lines below the cart, they use the words to write a paragraph.  In the picture above the student uses her vocabulary words to describe why animals migrate.
4. Vocabulary Rock and RollThis is a free, super fun dice activity by Christina Bainbridge that will have your students interacting with vocabulary by acting, drawing, and talking.  I love it as a partner activity!

Who said vocabulary has to be boring?!?  Stop by Wednesday, June 26, 2013 for a list of vocabulary games to play with your students.  :)


  1. Very cute!!! Love these activities!

  2. I am definitely going to use the pass the note activity!