Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Little Saturday Sunshine

Today is a beautiful, sunny day in Pennsylvania!  I think I'll go for a run later.  Speaking of sunshine, guess what I was nominated for...
The Sunshine Award!
The Sunshine Award is a nod given to blogs that inspire or bring sunshine to one's day. It's an opportunity for those bloggers to then share a little personal information with readers. Thank you, Nick from Sweet Rhyme Pure Reason, for nominating me.
  • I have the sweetest husband and three great kids.
  • I have a serious sweet tooth for cupcakes, brownies, and pastries. Mmm. I'll be right back...
  • I don't eat my vegetables.
  • I worked at Hershey Park for one day.
  • I drink cinnamon bun coffee every morning.
  • I'm extremely ticklish.
  • I hate feet. I think they're gross.
  • I'm a reality TV junkie.
  • I can't live without my kindle or my laptop.
  • I'd be happy anywhere there is sand, surf, and sunshine.
  • My dream vacation would be to the Mediterranean.

When did you start blogging?
August 2012
Who's your favorite superhero?
Who was your favorite teacher?
Mrs. Shearer
What's your favorite genre of book?
Historical Fiction
Do you have any pets?
Yes, the cutest little beagle ever.
If you could have a longer or shorter school day, which would you pick?
While I enjoy the occasional two-hour delay, I think the regular school day length is just fine.
What brand new "special" would you like to add to your schedule?
Well I don't have any specials, but I would love to go to art each day.  ;)
Do you have anything from your childhood that you've kept?
Photo albums
Are you afraid of anything weird?
I don't have any unusual fears, but I refuse to watch scary movies.
Do you have vacation plans for this summer?
Not yet, wanna take me with you?
Do your colleagues know that you are a blogger?
My closest colleagues know, but I don't share it with everyone.

I am so pleased to share some of my favorite bloggers with you...

  • Jen from That First Grade Blog is a first grade teacher, reading specialist, and great friend of mine.
  • Sarah from Teaching Pawsitively is a relatively new blogger that I met through the SLANTbox teacher exchange.
  • Terry from First at Bat is a first grade teacher and a fabulous writer.  Her Facebook posts always inspire me.

Why did you start blogging?
What's your favorite subject to teach?
If you couldn't teach, what job would you have?
I need a new book to read. What do you recommend?
Where is your favorite place to shop for "Teacher Clothes"?
I love animals.  Do you have any pets?
What is your favorite TV show?
I have a serious sweet tooth. What is your favorite sweet treat?
Which of your TpT products is your favorite?
If you could travel to a sunny location, where would it be?
Spread a little sunshine.  Share a favorite quote.

Thanks for reading!  I'd love to learn more about you, too.  Pick a question and answer it in the comments.  Happy Saturday!

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  1. Sitting back with some cinnamon bun coffee and a reality tv marathon sounds good to me! And Spidey is my favorite too!

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
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