Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Word Power Wednesday

As teachers, we know that vocabulary is critical to reading comprehension. It plays an important role in learning to read as well as reading to learn. To ensure academic success, young readers must develop a wide base of word knowledge and the ability to learn how to acquire new words.  So, how do we foster vocabulary development?    

This week we'll explore a variety of ways to engage students during a vocabulary lesson.  If you missed my post about vocabulary acquisition lessons, you can read it {here}.

Let's look at some great ways to record vocabulary words as they are introduced.  In addition to writing the word and definition consider adding the part of speech, sentence, synonym, antonym, other forms of the word, and an illustration.

1.  Flip Books 



Layered Flip-Up or Eight-FlapSimply cut, fold, and staple these flip books.

2.  Foldables

No-Staple Mini-book:  Learn how to fold this mini-book {here}.

Shape Foldables:  These fun little shapes are available from Amber Polk on TpT.

3.  Word Study Journals

Composition Book:  Keeping a word journal requires very little teacher prep work. It is a great way for students to 'collect' new words and refer back to them all year long.

4. Graphic Organizers

Frayer Model: I love {this version} from Teaching and Tapas.

Word Jar: This fun word jar {organizer} is free from Rachel Parlett.  I make several copies of this sheet and assemble into a small book to use for a unit of study.

Vocabulary Superhero: This is one of my favorite free {organizers} for grades 1-3 by Aylin Claahsen.

5.  Word Rings / Word Fans

Cut 2 by 11 inch strips of colored paper.  Punch a hole in one end  of the strip. Hook several strips together with a metal ring or brass fastener.  Students record the word and definition on one side of the strip and an original sentence on the other.

6.  Vocabulary Trading Cards  

These vocabulary recording sheets are great to use for word study.  Click {here} to download them for free on TpT from Teresa at The Common Core Teacher Blog.

How do your students record their vocabulary words?  Please share! 

Stop back next week for ideas to review vocabulary words after they have been introduced.  :)


  1. Your blog is a great resource! Love all these vocabulary ideas! Laura


  2. These are great ideas! I am your newest follower!