Monday, April 29, 2013

Golden Tickets

It's that time of year!  We just finished administering our state assessments and will soon begin our end-of-year benchmark testing.  (We use AIMSweb, Study Island, and 4Sight three times a year to assess students' academic growth.) 

This year's state test seemed to take its toll on students.  They worked hard and were visibly exhausted upon its completion.  I was so proud of their efforts!  I sure hope they can keep up the momentum until the rest of the assessments are complete.  :)

How do you recognize effort and encourage perseverance during testing? This year we are using Golden Tickets to acknowledge students who give their best effort.  Students who work carefully and demonstrate diligence will be given a Golden Ticket.  The coupons will be entered in a drawing to earn a special picnic lunch with the principal.  

Click on the picture to download the tickets for your own use.  :)
Best of luck with your school's end-of-year testing!

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