Sunday, March 31, 2013

A New TpT Store :)

I am so excited for my bloggy friend, Jen,  from That First Grade Blog who recently opened up a TpT store. She has been working on a Non-Fiction unit with her students and refining a student pack to share with all of you. I got a sneak peak at the final product before it went up for sale.  Lucky me :)  I'll be using it with my little readers, for sure.

Non-Fiction Reading Responses, Grades 1-3

This product very thoughtfully walks students through reading a non-fiction book one step at a time.  Students will learn how to take picture walk, make predictions, activate prior knowledge, complete a KWL chart,  generate questions, determine the topic, main idea, and details of a text, and make comparisons between two non-fiction texts.

If you are looking for non-fiction reading responses, this is the pack for you.  You can visit Jen's blog to read more about the pack and download a freebie *here* or visit Jen's TpT store *here*.  Hurry! It's on sale this weekend.  :)

Happy Easter, sweet friends!

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