Monday, December 17, 2012

Mystery Guest

The results are in and 298 students earned the first Hit the Books reward, a "Mystery Guest" assembly!  Our school challenges to students to read nightly for a specific number of minutes. Students who participate and return their signed reading logs each month earn privileges and rewards at school.  If you missed my post about Hit the Books, you can read it here.  To earn the privilege of attending the assembly, students had to complete the reading challenge for the past two months.  

The assembly began with the introduction of our mystery guest, *insert drumroll here*...Rascal from the Harrisburg Senators!

Rascal quizzed students on Senators trivia and fun facts (and they did surprisingly well).  Next we played a friendly game of "Minute To Win It" where teachers competed against randomly selected students.  Rascal cheered for students and even competed with them in a challenge.

A teacher and a student complete in the "Elephant March" challenge by knocking over
water bottles with a trunk-like contraption pulled over their heads.

What assembly would be complete without a prize drawing? Several students were chosen by raffle to select a prize from a table filled with books, posters, cool school supplies, and tickets for bowling.  The grand prize was donated by Rascal himself...four tickets to attend a Senators baseball game. 

When the assembly concluded, Rascal met children at the exit doors to give them high-fives and hugs to express his pride in them.  The kiddos were over the moon!

Students are currently working to earn an invitation to our Bingo Bash where they could win books and posters.  

What does your school do to motivate readers?  I'd love to hear your great ideas!

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  1. Sounds like everyone had fun! We used to give out prizes, then medals, now we give out free books when the students read a certain number on their reading logs. They get a different color folder when finish each 100 steps (15 min of reading=1 step). They feel proud of their folder color-it's small, but it works. I let the kids read to the class, and they love to do that. Have a Merry Christmas-enjoy your break!