Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anchor Charts and Beanies

It's time to share what we've been learning...Comprehension Strategies with Beanie Babies!
My posters were purchased from Froggie Went a Teachin' on TPT.

At the beginning of the year I introduce each of the comprehension strategies and the corresponding Beanie Baby animals.  We create anchor charts for each strategy and practice using the skills.  The children make a mini book of strategies that they will keep with them throughout the year. 
Students are so excited to see which Beanie Baby animal and strategy will be introduced next.  They practically beg me to tell them. :)  And sadly, *tears* they are even disappointed once the last strategy/animal has been revealed.
The program that we use for reading intervention spirals back to each of the skills multiple times throughout the year.  We refer to the anchor charts, Beanie Babies, and mini-books often.  Here's a little look at a few of the anchor charts we made this year.

We use the "Click, Click, Clunk" method for self-monitoring.

Students used the clues from the photographs and their schema to make an inference about what is happening in the photo.  This was a great way to introduce the concept and grasp before applying it to text.

I read a excerpt from Charlotte's Web describing the barn, and students drew what they were visualizing.


I'll be back soon to share more about each strategy.  I'd love to hear some of your great ideas for introducing and teaching the reading strategies.  Leave a comment!

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